Three Masters, Five ways 

Taking One’s Development in Jazz Improvisation to a Higher Level through the Core Ideas of Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, and John Coltrane 

Anthony Michael Peterson, M.M. 

Written for intermediate to advanced students, this book takes the student on a journey to the results that he or she has been looking for! Core musical ideas of Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, and John Coltrane are used to bring the reader to a higher level of performance, expression, and understanding. 

Some of the core ideas introduced are: 

  • Rhythmic Motifs and Melodic Development, Motivic Transposition (Monk) 
  • Linear Inversion, Seventh Chord Permutation, and Approach Note Patterns (Charlie Parker) 
  • 1235 Patterns, The Coltrane II-V-I Cadence (Coltrane) 

This book is unique in that it also teaches the student how to practice, and how to manifest profound results through visualization. 

The format of “Three Masters, Five Ways” is held together by the “Five Ways”: 

  1. Core Idea: This is each of the ideas found in each Master’s section. Here the ideas are explained and illustrated in musical notation. 
  2. Breakdown of Core Idea: Here the idea is illustrated in various note groups and pitch orders. This introduces melodic and harmonic possibilities to the student, and gives the student the flexibility and knowledge to create their own exercises and ideas. 
  3. Application: This is where the idea is applied to a chord progression, song forms, and tonal exercises. This is the beginning of the student internalizing the idea into their playing. 
  4. Context: This shows where the ideas can work. 
  5. Practice: This shows how to visualize and set goals, and practice the ideas going forward, and integrate the idea into one’s playing. The other ideas in the book are later combined to enhance the student’s practice flow. This is done by dividing the practice session into maintenance, melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, vocabulary, repertoire, study, and ear training.

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